Thursday, February 6, 2020

North River Ascension New Horizons - bringing together seniors, youth, and food stories! #FolkloreThursday

We are working on a fun new cookbook project in cooperation with the Town of North River and Ascension Collegiate in Bay Roberts. We've been meeting at the highschool, where we have been having intergenerational chats about food memories, and the young people have been teaching the older people how to use their tablets, laptops, and phones. 

The next step will be to get the students doing some oral history and folklore interviews with the participants about their food stories and memories, digitizing some old photographs and cookbooks, and then pulling everything together into a collection of stories that will be part cookbook and part local history book. 

The group has started a Facebook page here:  North River Ascension New Horizons

The town will be hosting a recipe and photo scanning event on Tuesday, Feb 11th, starting at 10am.  Bring your old family recipes, those cocoa-stained cookbooks with all the notes, and your old family photo albums.  Have a cup of tea, and we'll scan them for you right there, and you can take your materials home again immediately!  We'd love to have a photo and recipe from each North River family if possible. 

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