Friday, May 3, 2019

Another handmade rolling pin for #FoodwaysFriday, this one from Labrador

We are on a roll with these photos of hand-made rolling pins! So far, we've seen ones from St. Phillip's and Sibley's Cove.

Today's is from Labrador, with a possible Harbour Grace connection. Cindy Gibbons (a former Heritage NL board member) sent me the above picture, and writes,
My mom, Linda (Yetman) Gibbons inherited this from my great grandmother Eliza (Ryan) Gibbons. Great grandmother was born at L’Anse au Claire and married great grandfather Walter Gibbons in Red Bay in 1908. Mom says she remembers grandmother saying it was already in the house when she moved in, meaning that it was used at least by my great great grandmother Janet (LeGrow) Gibbons. She was from Harbour Grace and married James Gibbons at Red Bay in 1879. She died in 1898.

Got a handmade rolling pin, or another handmade kitchen object? Drop me a note and photo at We'll continue to share these for #FoodwaysFriday!

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