Tuesday, March 14, 2017

#Folklorephoto Is there something wrong with this picture? How do you open a can of Carnation milk?

At our recent Tea Bun Workshop, a can of Carnation milk was opened like this, to the shock of many participants. How do you open a tin of evaporated milk?


Anonymous said...

My family has always made 2-3 holes in the rim of the top of the can. One or two for pouring, another, on the other side, to let air in and ease pouring. A tin open like that, unless you're using it in bulk, lets the air in to spoil it and it's easier to spill.

Unknown said...

Yes I would open it like this if I am gonna use the whole can , tea buns or fish chowder. Otherwise it would be just 2 holes made with a can opener.

hollyweird said...

Jaysu this is just wrong. Use the old can openers, make two holes...or use a sturdy knife and make two holes... Always recheck the tin before ya use it. Pour a drop in the sink mke sure she's good. Then you're ready for a perfect cup of tea/coffee.