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Call for papers - Canadian Museums Association Conference 2010

Call for Papers
Canadian Museums Association National Conference 2010
Evolving Boundaries: Linking People, Place & Meaning
St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
May 10-15, 2010

As we grapple with the impact of the global economic crisis, it is even more critical that museums deliver meaningful visitor experiences.

Traditionally museums focused on collecting and presenting the “tangible”, whether these were works of art, natural history specimens or cultural artifacts. Increasingly, we have included an understanding of the “intangibles” of traditional knowledge and cultural practice as essential to a full spectrum of content and experience. This conference will feature exemplary work in human and natural history museums and art galleries that fulfill our traditional mandates.

There will also be a community museums stream of sessions. As a highlight of the 2010 conference, we will be placing a special focus on Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), providing a forum for discussion of practical approaches by which museums can creatively link people and place to collections in order to inspire meaning.

Key themes/topics:
The conference will be built around the following themes:

1) ICH: Incorporating ICH into the core museum functions — collecting, research, programming & exhibition. Exemplary projects and their impact on museum audiences.

2) Best practices: New technologies, new partners, new approaches to programming, new organizational models. Innovations that improve the effectiveness of our work.

3) Sustainability: New strategies to help museums to do more with less. New paradigms for securing new resources.

Session formats:

The 2010 Conference Committee will accept proposals for the following session formats:
• Panel: Consists of three or four speakers, who present for up to 20 minutes each, relative to the session theme;
facilitated by a moderator.
• Case study: Consists of one or two persons, usually from the same organization, and focuses on one actual situation,
program or project, the decision-making process involved, implementation, outcome(s), and lessons learned.
• Or something completely different? The 2010 welcomes original session formats! Please include a brief explanation
of your proposed format with your session proposal.
• Cross-disciplinary panels or presentations are particularly welcome.
Selection criteria:

Priority will be given to proposals that are relevant to the key themes (above), are clear and well developed, and confirm a commitment from the presenters to delivery of a high-quality, thought-provoking session.

Proposals will not be accepted if they appear to be a show and tell session or product/service endorsements.

Please note: The CMA is unable to provide speakers with travel funds, honorariums or allowances.

Submit your proposal, NO LATER than JUNE 1, 2009
Fax: 416-236-5557

Questions? Sue Ann Ramsden, 416-231-1251

Download the Call for Papers application form in pdf at:

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