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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Performance and Pandemic - an interview with Jordan Vincer

As part of our ongoing Covid-19 NL Oral History series, we sit down for a chat with Ryerson University student Jordan Vincer about his studies, performance during lockdown, and his thesis project reimagining the traditional Newfoundland Mummers' Play. 

Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Sourdough Revolution with Dee Payne - part of our ongoing Covid-19 NL Oral History project

As part of the ongoing Covid-19 NL Oral History project, folklorist Dale Jarvis sits down for a virtual chat with Dee Payne, admin of the Newfoundland/Labrador Sourdough Revolution Facebook group, taking a deep dive into the world of sourdough starters and bread-making during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Learn more about the group here:

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Double Your Bubble with Mike Hickey - documenting social interaction during #COVID19

Here in Newfoundland we’ve been lucky enough to reach a stage of the COVID-19 lockdown where we’re now allowed to “Double Bubble”, choose another household to socialize and interact with as we move forward, learning to live with Covid-19.

In this interview, filmmaker Mike Hickey chats with folklorist Dale Jarvis about his new "Double Your Bubble" podcast, how it got started, the kinds of stories he's been collecting, and some tips for people new to the world of podcasting/recording about where they might start.

You can find the "Double Your Bubble" podcast at or follow Mike on Twitter @hickeycommamike

Do you have a suggestion for someone we should interview as part of the NL Covid-19 Oral History Project? Email us at

Friday, May 8, 2020

Hey NL Students! We want your family stories about the #Covid19 pandemic!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Covid-19 NL Oral History Project with Heritage NL and The Rooms

We want your family stories about what is happening in Newfoundland and Labrador during the Covid-19 pandemic! Here are some sample questions to get you started on your home oral history interview. You can answer these yourself, or sit down with a family member and interview them. Don’t forget to start your interview by spelling out your full name, and including the date of the interview.   You can record your interview in any format (audio or video) on your smartphone or digital device, and email it to  If it is a large file, you can use the free website to send it to the same email address, or post it on YouTube and send us the link.

All submissions welcome, including songs, recitations, poetry, or music!

Sample Questions

  • Can you describe the community where you live?
  • When did you first learn about the coronavirus? What were your initial reactions?
  • How did your community respond to the virus? What closures, restrictions, or safeguards were put in place?
  • Describe any events you witnessed that express your or your community’s response to the virus.
  • How are you personally responding to the virus? What has changed in your daily routine?
  • How has your family been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • How are you staying in touch with family and friends?
  • What will you remember most about this time in our lives?
  • Who is in your Double Bubble, and why?

Feel free to make up your own questions!

What will happen to my audio/video file?

Once you contact us, we will ask you to fill out this brief, confidential consent form so that we can add your story to a permanent collection on Memorial University’s Digital Archives Initiative, where it can be seen and accessed for educational and non-commercial use only, and where it may be used as part of a future physical or online exhibit at The Rooms about the Covid-19 pandemic. Your story will become part of the historical record! If at some point you want your story taken down from the website, we can always remove your records from the archive.

For more information, contact:

Dale Jarvis, Heritage NL
@dalejarvis on Twitter 

Friday, May 1, 2020

Living Heritage Podcast Ep173 Collecting Covid with Maureen Peters (with video!)

Welcome to the  Covid-19 version of the Living Heritage Podcast! We've shifted the format a bit, and are recording on Zoom, which lets us bring you some video as well. We'll still be podcasting the audio on our station so if you want to listen to just the audio, head over there and download it. But since you are here, enjoy the video version!

In this episode, Maureen Peters, Curator of History at The Rooms, St. John's, NL, chats with Dale Jarvis of Heritage NL about documenting the Covid-19 Pandemic in Newfoundland and Labrador. They chat about what The Rooms is collecting in terms of material culture, why it is important to collect this material now, looking back at polio and smallpox in the province, Corona beer facemasks, and crocheting a model of the human intestines! 


Living Heritage is about people who are engaged in the heritage and culture sector, from museum
professionals and archivists, to tradition bearers and craftspeople - all those who keep history alive at the
community level. The show is a partnership between HeritageNL and CHMR Radio.
Theme music is Rythme Gitan by Latché Swing.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Heritage NL and The Rooms launch Covid-19 NL Oral History Project, and want your stories.

What have Covid-19 shutdowns meant for you personally? Have you been learning how to bake bread or sew? How are you staying in touch with family and friends? Local heritage organizations want to know!

Heritage NL, in partnership with The Rooms, is collecting personal stories for an oral history project about the experiences of living through a pandemic.  The “Covid-19 NL Oral History Project” invites Newfoundlanders and Labradorians living in the province or away to document their memories and thoughts about what is happening to them or in their communities during the current novel coronavirus situation. 

The project is designed to document how the virus is affecting the lives of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, and to archive their collective memories. Interested volunteers can request to be interviewed over the phone or web, can self-record a voice memo or video, they can interview a family member, and submit their file by email, or complete an online questionnaire.

The collected material will become part of a permanent online archive for future generations of students and researchers and may be included in a future physical or online exhibit at The Rooms. 

“Recording oral histories is one way to better understand the Covid-19 pandemic and the effects it is having on the lives of ordinary people,” says Heritage NL folklorist Dale Jarvis. “To create a historical record of how everyday people are responding to this event, we have developed sample questions and easy ways for people to share their stories.”

While all personal stories of the pandemic are of interest, Jarvis is particularly curious about the informal stories of health care workers and those working on the front lines of the pandemic: nurses, emergency responders, home care workers, grocery clerks, and the like. 

The oral histories are part of a longer ongoing project that The Rooms curatorial staff is engaging with the community on to gather materials related to people's experiences of the pandemic. These materials may be integrated into an exhibition, collections, or social media at a later date. The Rooms is looking for materials that reflect the culturally specific ways that Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are dealing with this global event.

If you have a memory or story to share or want more information on the project, contact either Dale Jarvis at or visit the project website at  To submit a physical object for consideration, email Maureen Peters, Curator of History at