Friday, June 23, 2023

Living Heritage Podcast Ep234 Mentor-Apprentice Program: Spruce Root Basketry with Danny White and Arlene White

Danny and Arlene collecting spruce roots.
Photo courtesy of Danny White and Arlene White.

In this episode we talk with mentor Danny White, and apprentice Arlene White who are two participants of Heritage NL’s Mentor-Apprentice Program.

Danny demonstrating how to make the basket mould.
Photo courtesy of Danny White and Arlene White.

Danny learned the teachings, stories, and process of basket making starting at the age of 12 from his father, Anthony White. Anthony was considered a master basket maker. Danny has taught courses and held exhibitions at Pow Wows, schools, and colleges. His work has been documented in newspapers, magazines, and videos.

Arlene White with the frame of her spruce root basket.
Photo courtesy of Danny White and Arlene White.

Arlene completed a course with Master Basket Maker Dan White in 2018. She has an understanding of how to dig spruce roots, and how to harvest some of the material. She has made two baskets but is interested in taking her knowledge to the next level in order to keep the skills alive, and pass it on to the next generation to ensure the tradition continues for years to come.

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