Tuesday, July 16, 2019

How to make an inexpensive lightbox for photographing artefacts!

We are heading out to Spaniard's Bay tomorrow for our Heritage Craft Show-and-Tell (July 17th, 2019) and we've asked people to bring a hand-made craft object to show us. So, today, Rachael Green and I made a cheap lightbox so we'll have something to use to photograph people's treasures.

We bought an inexpensive transparent plastic tote, some white posterboard, two sided tape, parchment paper, and two cheap LED lamps. Total cost: about $32.  Terra Barrett found this DIY instructable here (we used a plastic tote instead of a cardboard box so it less likely to get banged up as we travel around).


And after:

Some sample "treasures" we photographed, using my iPhone, as a test:

Thoughts? Suggestions? Possible tweaks? Comment below, or email dale@heritagenl.ca

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