Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Heritage Craft Show-and-Tell July 17th

How many people do you know who can run a birch broom, weave a basket, or turn a wooden rolling pin? At one point, makers of these types of objects were commonplace in Newfoundland and Labrador. Today, it seems that fewer people have the knowledge of how to make the tools, objects, and crafts of yesteryear.

Heritage NL and Spaniard's Bay Heritage Society are celebrating heritage crafts, and want to see what family treasures you might have in your cupboard. On Wednesday July 17th, at 7pm, bring something you or your ancestors made to the Heritage Craft Show-And-Tell at the Wesley Gosse Heritage Museum. Folklorist Dale Jarvis with Heritage NL will be on site to chat with you about your object, and Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador researcher Rachael Green will answer your questions about the Craft-at-Risk project.

Nothing breakable or bigger than a breadbox please.
A free event, with mug up to follow.

Heritage Craft Show-And-Tell 
Wednesday July 17th
Wesley Gosse Heritage Museum
6 Church Hill, Spaniard's Bay

Facebook event listing:

Can't attend, but have an object you want to show off? Send us a photo!

photo: Model of 17th century British battleship, 
carved out of ivory by Harvey Taylor, resident of Raleigh, Great Northern Peninsula. 
Harvey Taylor was listed as being 45 years old and the father of 6 children in the Census of 1935. 
source: The Rooms,  International Grenfell Association fonds,  Ottawa Business Office, 
St. Anthony office, File MG 63.2192, Item A 58-70, 1932.

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