Friday, June 7, 2019

Introducing our new Craft-at-Risk researcher, Rachael Green

Hi! I’m Rachael Green. I study Archaeology/Geography at Memorial University. As a Co-operative Education student, I am currently interning as a Craft Researcher for the Craft Council in partnership with Heritage NL. The creativity of the craft has always inspired me. I'm thrilled to learn and broaden my horizons of all things craft, folk, and heritage!

My major goals for the summer are: Firstly, to recreate “The Radcliffe Red List of Endangered Crafts”, NL style! In hopes to allow the public a better understanding of crafts at risk, all while creating an organized database of craftspeople around the province. Secondly, to conduct research on the craft council’s new home, 275 Duckworth Street, and create storyboards of the history of each level of the building. Then, to obtain enough information to eventually create a historical report. To give a little overview on the building, it was initially built 1908-1911, homing the Newfoundland Clothing Factory, The Telegram, and then Compu College. If you have any information or questions on my upcoming projects, my email is

As my first week here comes to an end, I couldn't have asked for a better start! So far, I have visited the quaint town of New Perlican. Here, we roamed and spoke to locals on the towns fishing heritage, as they recalled stories of the true beauty of growing up in the area.

I also got the chance to visit some Icelandic sheep, and witness sheep shearing! I will never forget the experience, and the wool was just incredible. We were provided with substantial knowledge on the breed of sheep, as well as, the correct way to shear for a safe and positive experience for both yourself and the animal.

I'm super excited to spend the summer working with the Craft Council and Heritage NL. I’m looking forward to all the exciting adventures to come!

- Rachael

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Unknown said...

You have a fascinating project Rachael. Best of luck, and look forward to hearing more. Paritta from Thailand.