Friday, September 7, 2018

What's happening in the ICH Office? Let us tell you!

We've said goodbye to our fabulous Conservation Corp Heritage Broadcast Intern, Natalie Dignam, but you haven't heard the last of her. She worked on a score of new Living Heritage podcast recordings, which will be coming to you each week, including a series of podcasts featuring the St. John's Community Market.

Terra Barrett is working away feverishly on our Virtual Museums of Canada exhibit on the merchant life of Main Street, Windsor. We're still a bit away from our launch date (after Christmas, hopefully) but we'll soon have everything ready to send for French translation.

Dale Jarvis is hosting an event this coming Monday, in partnership with the Georgestown Neighbourhood Association and the Memorial  University Folklore Fieldschool. At 7pm, Monday, Sept 10th, we'll be at The Lantern (35 Barnes Road) with a crowd of people sharing stories and memories of growing up in the neighbourhood. It promises to be a very entertaining evening, and you'll get a chance to meet all the new folklore grad students who are studying and working in Georgestown for the first three weeks of September.

If you grew up in the Georgestown area of St. John's, and would be interested in sharing your stories and/or being part of an oral history interview, you can email Dale at

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