Thursday, August 10, 2017

Living Heritage Podcast Ep084 Untold Stories: Merchants and Memories of Main Street Windsor

In September 2016 researcher Terra Barrett spent a week in Grand Falls-Windsor collecting stories and memories of Main Street, Windsor. This was part of the Merchants and Memories project which was a partnership between the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Grand Falls-Windsor Heritage Society. The Society wanted to focus on Windsor to celebrate the diverse community that grew up on Main Street across from the train station. This podcast is a selection of memories about Main Street which take the listener back to the heyday of the shopping district of Windsor. Take a listen to learn more about fights at the pool hall, movies at the Vogue Theatre, people watching at the train station, and shopping at Riff’s and Cohen’s.

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Unknown said...

What an excellent listen! I grew up in Windsor in the fifties and sixties and this programme is a worthy tribute to our town. I began journaling some years ago and as I wrote I found myself remembering so many details of Main Street, particularly the train station and watching the trains come in and all the merchants. My very first job between grade ten and grade eleven was at Riff's. I sat with Mr. Riff in his office up the top of the long staircase and he passed me a column of numbers to add up. I got it right and he said I had the job! My first pay packet was eleven dollars and fifty cents.My sister worked at Stewards and another sister worked for a short while for Ray Collins who had a little shop on Bond Street.

And it truly was a mix of nationalities. I never realized as a small child or even as a teenager how so many nations were represented in our little town.

Thank you,
Lovelett (Single) Knight

Unknown said...

What A amazing program! I love hearing about my hometown.I worked at George Stewarts, and at Cohens. Ate at the Cozy Chat.Worked at Strouds Chip Van a short while on main Street.Went to Munches many times.I recognize some faces but not all.
But as people spoke,I remember their names.It brings back many memories.Thank you so much.
Patricia Walsh Beaulieu