Monday, March 24, 2014

Nan's Cookbook: Tea and Talk

Recipe for Seven Cup Pudding, provided by Natalie Austin.
This recipe belonged to her grandmother on her mother's side,
 Lily Butt of Carbonear/Old Perlican. 

This past Friday the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office hosted  Nan's Cookbook: Tea and Talk at The Cupids Legacy Centre. It was a lovely afternoon where we invited people to bring out their favorite old cookbooks and recipes and share their memories of cooking and baking.

Along with Mary Ellen Wright, Professional Development and Outreach Officer with the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives, we provided advice on scanning and preserving these documents for long term access and how to best preserve the original cookbooks and recipes, which for many are family heirlooms.

Kayla Carroll, a graduate student of Memorial University's Folklore program, volunteered her baking services and whipped us up some delicious 'lassy buns, right there at the event. The sounds and smells of baking were the perfect accompaniment to stories of making bread and bottling preserves. Participants shared anecdotes about baking and cooking, chuckling over culinary failures and reminiscing about childhood comfort foods.    

Kayla Carrol baking a batch of 'lassy buns
Kayla's recipe for a very light and moist 'lassy bun

We also asked each participant to share a favorite recipe, which I scanned. Stay tuned for the cookbooks and recipes collection, coming soon to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Collection on Memorial University's Digital Archives Initiative.

Spanish Cream Recipe provided by Linda Saunders.
This was her mother's recipe and Saunders notes,
 "We used to have this with fruit and jelly for dessert on Sundays."



Janet Davis said...

Can I get the direction side of the recipe for the lassy buns?

Janet Davis said...

Can I get the direction side of the recipe for the lassy buns?