Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet the Newfoundland Fairies, tonight in Cupids!

“When you go up on the hills picking berries
don’t going chasing off after strange music
and be sure to take a piece of bread with you
to protect yourself from the faeries.”

For generations Newfoundland grandparents advised little children this way - but, do they still need to, today? Come to Cupids on August 4 and find out!

The public is invited to join us on Thursday August 4 at 7:00pm, as the Cupids Legacy Centre officially opens its rooftop “Faerie Garden,” and celebrates faerie lore in local tradition. You’ll hear local faerie stories, watch faerie dances—and you’re GUARANTEED to spot at least three faeries.

Bring along your own faerie story to share, too, and join us as we explore this wonderful aspect of our intangible cultural heritage.

All we ask is that you not aggravate the fairies and speak kindly of them. (“Bread” will be available to all who attend—as a safety precaution!) Refreshments and finger foods will also be served.

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