Friday, December 17, 2010

Mummers Parade, Saturday at 2pm - Weather Update!

People have been asking about the weather for the Mummers Parade.

We're almost certain that the Parade will still happen, as scheduled, at 2:00pm on Saturday, Dec. 18.

Mummers know how to party hardy, so don't let a bit of rain keep you away! You might just want to add some rain gear to your disguise*. If you do get a bit wet, you can get warm and dry at our Mummers Concert and Jam at the Rooms after the Parade, at 3:00pm.

The forecast calls for light rain on both Saturday and Sunday, and we would much prefer not to change the date.

However, we will notify you if we cancel tomorrow. You can check the website for updates, listen to the radio for announcements, and check our Mummers Festival Facebook group.

* I have it on good authority that the Carbonear mummers are "mummerizing" their umbrellas as we speak, in preparation for their drive into St. John's tomorrow! You'll have to show up at the parade to find out what a mummerized umbrella (a mumbershoot? a janneyella?) looks like. Maybe it looks like this.

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Dale Jarvis said...

We are a go, rain or shine!