Monday, December 20, 2010

Mummers Festival a success! Check out the photos and videos

The Second Annual Mummers Parade went off on Saturday without a hitch. The weather cooperated beautifully, with the rain stopping just long enough for everyone to gather, march, dance, and generally act foolish.  We had a fantastic turnout - about 400 mummers and scores more watching along the route and at The Rooms.

There are some fabulous photos up already on the Mummers Festival group page on Facebook, which we encourage people to add to.

There are also some sets up already on flickr. Let me know if you have more. Check out:
And there is some video up on YouTube:
Ashley Fitzpatrick's article Mummers and Murder is online, with a link to The Telegram's photo gallery of the parade. The Telegram also has some video footage up as well.

I'm sure more will be added this week!  Thanks to everyone who participated, and to all our sponsors and helpers!

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