Friday, November 5, 2010

Fantastic Bonfire Photos from Porterville, Newfoundland

Some great early Bonfire Night photos from Porterville, Newfoundland, courtesy of Barry Porter. The Porterville fire was held earlier than usual this year, as the local weather forecast was predicting bad weather for Bonfire Night itself.

The boat being burned was an old speed boat was built by Barry's brother in 1978. It had been repaired once and was very rotten, so was flipped into the fire. Using Bonfire Night as a way of getting rid of unwanted materials in the community is an oft-mentioned part of the tradition.

Barry writes,

"I love Bonfires, I have many great memories as a young boy growing up in the small farming community of Porterville. After school we would cut boughs for weeks or months with a blunt axe for that big night. It was great fun.... Eventually I got away from Bonfire Night. Then when my kids came along I wanted them to experience the thrill of a Bonfire, so I started the tradition again.... I start my pile right after Old Christmas Day by taking my dead Xmas tree and putting it in place. This year , for the first time, my son missed it because he is attending University, but there is a new crop of young Porters, nephews, nieces, cousins and friends who took part in my annual Bonfire."

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