Sunday, March 28, 2010

Riddle me this, folklore boy: Two traditional riddles from Forteau Labrador

More proof that I have a truly fun job: I just finished a very lively, funny session in Blanc Sablon, complete with an impromptu Lower North Shore Square set, rhymes in English and French, local insults and folk beliefs, and about 10 women all instinctively making the sign of the cross in the air when I put up a picture of a single crow as part of a power point presentation on intangible cultural heritage.

We also talked about riddles. Here are two collected from Clara Buckle, who learned them from her father, James Buckle, of Buckle's Point, Forteau, Labrador:

Riddle #1.

As I was walking up London Bridge
I met a London scholar
And drew off his coat, And drew off his cap
I told you the name of that scholar.

Riddle #2.

It is in meadows not in fields
It is in mountains not in hills
It is in me not in you
It is in men and women too.

Guess away!


Ruthanne said...

#1 Andrew
#2 M

Joe B said...

The scholar is Andrew and "m" is "in."

Anonymous said...

I figured them out all by myself, but with those answers already there it looks as if I cheated !!!!