Saturday, March 27, 2010

If this is Saturday, I must be going to Blanc Sablon...

It is Saturday morning, and I am (yet again, it seems) at the St. John's airport, ready for another flight to another workshop, this time on the Lower North Shore of Quebec.

I've been invited by the Quebec Labrador Foundation to the Lower North Shore Heritage Forum. This event is intended to bring residents from all across the region together to share, learn, and plan activities that will help preserve the rich heritage and culture of the Quebec shore and the Labrador Straits. Presentations and small workshops will provide residents with some basic tools to adapt to their community plans, and some motivation as they take steps toward the preservation and promotion of local heritage. Through partnerships with Parks Canada and the Minister of Culture, Communications and Women’s Issues, there will also be presentations made that will assist local communities in their development and preservation efforts.

I'll be leading an afternoon workshop on intangible cultural heritage, and how community groups can start to think beyond the walls of a traditional museum to safeguard their living heritage. I will keep you all posted as to how it goes!

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