Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wooden Boat Building, continued

The Wooden Boat Building Conference in Winterton at the start of the month was a great success, but the committee has not been resting on their laurels. They have identified three key areas where work needs to continue:

1. Documenting the boatbuilding life of Mr. Henry Vokey.
2. Action as an Advocacy Group for the preservation of our forest resource and rights of bona fide boat builders to harvest boatbuilding timber.
3. Preserving the secrets locked up in the aging boats strewn across the province by creating an army of helpers through a Field Documentation Course specifically addressing the challenges of traditional wooden boats.

The third goal dovetails nicely with the training and standards goals of the ICH strategy, so keep tuned for future developments on that front.

You can see the Wooden Boat News, Issue 3 in pdf here.

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