Wednesday, August 27, 2008

International Journal of Intangible Heritage

The International Journal of Intangible Heritage is a refereed academic and professional journal for the cultural and heritage sectors. First published in May 2006, the Journal embraces theory and practice in relation to the study, preservation, interpretation and promotion of intangible heritage. In recent years, academics,researchers and professionals in many different parts of the cultural and heritage sectors have increasingly been collecting, systematizing, documenting and communicating intangible heritage and in particular supporting both its traditional and contemporary expressions. The Journal welcomes submissions of contributions covering all areas and all possible discourses of intangible heritage studies and practice.

The need for such an international publication was one of the significant outcomes of the 2004 Triennial General Conference of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on the theme “Museums and Intangible Heritage”. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Korea agreed to provided support for this Journal through the National Folk Museum of Korea.

The printed editions are supplemented by an electronic edition in PDF format at

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