Friday, December 9, 2022

From Designation to Destruction - A Timeline of the fight to save the Bryn Mawr (Baird Cottage) Property, St. John’s

August 1993 - Steinhauer family applies to Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador for designation of Bryn Mawr as a Registered Heritage Structure

September 1993 - Bryn Mawr designated as a Registered Heritage Structure by Heritage NL

April 2016 - St. John's looking at heritage status for Bryn Mawr (CBC); Demolition permit application submitted for Bryn Mawr in St. John's (CBC); Rally to save Bryn Mawr heritage home in St. John's (CBC); Bryn Mawr Threatened by Demolition (Trident); NL Historic Trust Bryn Mawr Rally (Flickr)

May 2016 - Bryn Mawr owner will sue if city grants heritage status, son says (CBC); St. John's city council passes motion to give Bryn Mawr heritage status (CBC)

June 2016 - Designated a Heritage Building by the City of St. John’s

July 2016 - Controversial heritage property Bryn Mawr sold for $2 million (CBC)

January 2017 - Lawsuits totalling $8.7M against St. John's from former Baird Cottage owner, developer (CBC)

June 2017 - Bryn Mawr placed on the National Trust for Canada’s 2017 Top 10 Endangered Places List; Bryn Mawr Named to Canada's 10 Most Endangered List (Trident)

November 2019 - Heritage Property Baird Cottage at Heart of $8.7-Million Court Challenge (VOCM)

August 2020 - Proposed personal care home buildings would cushion Bryn Mawr heritage home in St. John's (Saltwire)

September 2020 - Personal care home near historic Bryn Mawr proceeds (Saltwire)

October 2021 - Supreme Court dismisses developer's lawsuit against City of St. John's over heritage designation (CBC); Historic St. John's property's potential not damaged by heritage bylaw, Newfoundland court rules (Saltwire); Capital City Reacts to Historic Structures Court Decision (VOCM)

February 2022 - Preserving NL’s Built Heritage is Key to Its Future (Independent)

November 2022 - Prolonged Legal Battle Leaves Heritage Property in Disrepair (VOCM)

9 December 2022 - Bryn Mawr Cottage in St. John's destroyed by fire (Saltwire); Mired in disputes about its fate, historic St. John's cottage destroyed by fire (CBC); Heritage building destroyed by overnight fire (NTV)

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