Thursday, April 7, 2022

Report released on Saving Traditional Skills on the Great Northern Peninsula

The Great Northern Peninsula Community Place Corporation and Heritage NL have been working together to make a list of people with traditional skills and know-how in the Tri-Town (Hawkes Bay, Port Saunders, and Port au Choix) area.

Local researcher Destiny Penney was hired to interview local crafters and seniors, and to compile a list of people in the region willing to share their skills. Her findings are summarized in a new report, released this week. 

The report features local knowledge-holders ranging from 85-year-old Edmund Alyward, a Port au Choix capelin net maker, to Hawkes Bay quiltmaker/sewer Josie Penney (shown above). 

"This will be an amazing resource for us to build on," says GNP Community Place Corporation's Joan Cranston. "I would like to identify people with traditional cooking skills as well, and traditional healing skills and knowledge."

The GNP Community Place is a community centre located on the main street of Port au Choix, NL. Overlooking the harbour, this community heritage building will offer a safe, accessible place for people from all over the Great Northern Peninsula to gather to participate in inter-generational health and wellness initiatives. It is run by a volunteer not-for-profit community corporation and operates as a social enterprise, offering space for programs to benefit the community while generating revenues to offset operating expenses

The full report can be downloaded in pdf format at: 

This project was jointly funded by Heritage NL and ICOMOS Canada’s Youth in Heritage Program.

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