Thursday, April 28, 2022

Heritage NL Revitalization Grant - Pilot Project for community heritage projects involving Registered Heritage Structures

Heritage NL has redeveloped its restoration grant funding to better provide a suite of services to owners of Registered Heritage Structures. The Board is looking for projects that blend the restoration of a designated property with community planning workshops, architectural history research, and opportunities for transmission of traditional skills related to conservation of the site or the site’s history. The grant is intended to direct funding to projects that demonstrate community value as well as a need for material conservation. Project proposals in the $30,000 to $50,000 range will be considered, and successful projects will be funded on a 50/50 cost shared basis. In addition, grant recipients will work with Heritage NL staff to determine what other in-kind supports would benefit the project.

Example: The Salvage Fishermen’s Museum was approved for a grant for exterior restoration of the structure. In addition to the grant itself, Heritage NL worked with the local committee to: run a community People, Places, and Culture workshop; compile a comprehensive architectural history of the structure to aid in the conservation process; conduct research on family names and neighborhoods and develop a map; write a heritage report for the town with recommendations and suggestions for future work; teach a workshop on headstone digitization and facilitate a cemetery cleanup; assist with grant writing to help the museum hire a summer coordinator position; and work with the local committee to organize an official plaque unveiling ceremony at the end of their project.

Owners of any previously-designated Registered Heritage Structure may apply for restoration funding. An easement on the property must be in place to be eligible. Priority will be given to small to medium sized projects that:

  • Clearly demonstrate broad community involvement and support;
  • Will benefit from the provision of advice, research, and training from Heritage NL staff and the organization’s related training or Intangible Cultural Heritage programs;
  • Are located in areas that have been under-represented in previous grant cycles, including Western and Central Newfoundland, and Labrador;
  • Address or represent themes that have been under-represented in previous grant cycles, including Indigenous history, women’s history, and multi-ethnic heritage;
  • Represent outstanding examples of the built heritage of the Modern/Industrial period or agricultural sites;
  • Represent sites which include significant cultural landscapes as part of the designation.

Applications will be juried in a competitive process by the Board of Directors of Heritage NL. Funding is limited, and application does not guarantee funding. Approved grants are good for two years from the date of a signed Grant Contract agreement, and work must abide by the conditions of the Contract and follow the Standards and Guidelines for Conservation of Historic Places in Canada. Grants are paid following the successful completion of work and submission of a Final Project Report and all required documentation.

Deadline to apply: 27 May 2022

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