Tuesday, May 26, 2020

We asked people on the Baccalieu Trail about what they do. This is who answered!

We're off and running with the Baccalieu Trail Traditional Skills Inventory!

Since the launch of our project last week I've been chatting with all sorts of fascinating people working, crafting, making, and keeping heritage alive along the Baccalieu Trail. I've talked to Edward Delaney of Gull Island who makes his own knives for hunting and wood carving, and his wife Linda who knits trigger mittens. I was regaled with fairy and ghost stories by Clifford George of Whiteway. I've heard from vegetable gardeners, traditional musicians, caplin smokers, Indigenous basket makers, seal skin crafts, bakers, and stained glass producers.

Horse carving by Edward Delaney.
Do you know someone practicing a traditional skill in your community along the Baccalieu Trail? I'd love to talk to them! Fill out our survey at www.heritagecraft.ca or join our facebook group Baccalieu Trail Heritage and Memories.

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