Friday, May 10, 2019

Now a #FoodwaysFriday tradition, another rolling pin! The Fahey pin, Chapel’s Cove

Another Friday, another hand-made rolling pin! This one comes to us from Linda Lewis, who writes:

This rolling pin has been at the Fahey Farm (est 1789) for many generations. It was either made by my husband’s grandfather Edward Fahey (1869-1925)or his father also named Edward Fahey (1826-1884) from wood from the farm. The Fahey Farm is a Century Farm in Chapel’s Cove, Conception Bay.

Got a handmade rolling pin or other hand-crafted kitchen gadget in your cupboard? I want to see it! Send me a pic and your story, and we'll keep sharing them on Fridays.

You can read a bit more about the history of the Fahey Century Farm here.

Looking for helpful household advice on what to do with your old rolling pin? Do you have lumpy salt? Have no fear, the St. John's Daily Star of 1917-01-04 has your back in the "Mrs. Newlywed And Her Woes" column:

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