Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A scene from Emily Harbour, Labrador. #FolklorePhoto

Hello 2019! Our first Folklore Photo for the year is of Emily Harbour, Labrador, and comes to us from Alice Elizabeth (Betty) Neil, who in turn got the photo from her late sister, Louise Vallis (née Barrett), (September 06, 1933 - February 07, 2015). 

Louise's father had a fishing room at Emily Harbour, and as a young girl, she was sent off to work as a cook for the fishing crew. Date of photo unknown, but shows the home of a Mr. Apsey (sp?).  Any information you have on the individuals shown, or about the house, would be greatly appreciated!

Photo collected as part of the "Lassy Days Photo Scanning Pary" held Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 at the Wesley Gosse Heritage Museum. If this photo elicits memories for you, or if you'd like to arrange a photo scanning party for your community, contact Dale Jarvis at dale@heritagenl.ca

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