Thursday, August 30, 2018

Living Heritage Podcast Ep124 A Grand Time with Aidan O'Hara

In the episode, Aidan O’Hara and Rebecca Draisey-Collishaw talk about Aidan’s research on Newfoundland’s Cape Shore in the 1970s and “A Grand Time,” a series of homecoming events for Aidan’s research that took place in August of 2018.

Aidan is also the recipient of the 2018 NL Folk Arts Society Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his work in Newfoundland. Born in County Donegal and now living in Longford, Aidan O’Hara is an award-winning broadcaster, writer, and historian. Through his travels for work and education, he also became an accidental collector of songs, music, and oral history. During the mid-1970s, Aidan collected over 130 audio reels-to-reels and tape cassettes of songs, stories, and music on Newfoundland’s Cape Shore.

Rebecca Draisey-Collishaw is an Archive Assistant for the Digital Collections with Irish Traditional Music Archive (ITMA). In this episode, Rebecca tells us about “A Grand Time” and about Aidan’s audio recordings, which have been digitized by the ITMA and are now available online here.


The Living Heritage Podcast is about people who are engaged in the heritage and culture sector, from museum professionals and archivists, to tradition bearers and craftspeople - all those who keep history alive at the community level. The show is a partnership between HFNL and CHMR Radio. Past episodes are hosted on Libsyn, and you can subscribe via iTunes, or Stitcher. Theme music is Rythme Gitan by Latché Swing.

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