Friday, September 29, 2017

#FoodwaysFriday - Gumdrop Cake

Photo by Terra Barrett. 2017.

As a child, gumdrop cake was only served in my house around Christmas time. I remember the annual trip to bulk barn to purchase a container of gumdrops. I remember snacking on them as my mother baked the cake. Gumdrop cake was one of my favourite treats when I was growing up. I always carefully selected the piece of cake that had the most gumdrops, oftentimes disposing of the remnants of a piece of cake that had been picked clean of gumdrops.

Gumdrop cake is simply vanilla pound cake with gumdrops baked within. I have since seen this cake served at potlucks, funerals, and various other special events. In my experience, it is almost always store-bought. 

Did you have a different name for gumdrop cake? At what occasion would you eat it?

If you would like to try baking gumdrop cake yourself, click here for the recipe.

-Katie Harvey

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