Friday, June 24, 2016

Placenames and Mapping Memories in Cupids

Last night, the Cupids Historical Society and the ICH Office of HFNL held a well-attended and fun night to help the society map out placenames and locations of local historical interest. We heard fabulous stories about walking trials, spots which were fairy-haunted, kissing spots, where capelin would roll, the best places to pick blueberries, old barbershops, bonfire night, and where the boys from Cupids would lie in wait with rocks to throw at the boys from Brigus who would dare come courting the girls of Cupids!  We learned about The Arch, The Crawling Rock, the Tunnel, Newman's Point, The Bog Hole, and a host of other names. 

The Cupids Historical Society now has the work of compiling all this information as part of its on-going research. Thanks to Dale Russell-Fitzpatrick (Dale #1!) for inviting us, and the Cupids Legacy Centre for hosting!

If your community would like a similar workshop event in your town, give us a shout at 1-888-739-1892 x2, or email me at

- Dale (aka Dale #2!)

Photos courtesy Dale Russell-Fitzpatrick and the Cupids Historical Society. 

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