Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Folklore Photo - Help identify this Spaniard's Bay landmark.

I got an email yesterday with the attached photo taken Saturday, 7 May 2016, asking if I knew anything about this structure. It is a cairn of stones near Spaniard's Bay, located on the ridge straight back from the Harbour Grace marina (does this make it more Harbour Grace South? or Bryant's Cove?)

I have a bit of a weak spot for cairns and marks, and have written a blog post about the American Man in Cupids, which can be found about a 20 minute drive from Spaniard's Bay.  This one seems a bit different, more square in shape than the round cairn of rocks that is the American Man.

So, Conception Bay people: if you know anything about this collection of stones, let me know. What is it called? Who built it? How old is it? What was it used for?

Comment below, or email me at ich@heritagefoundation.ca.

photo courtesy Paul Brazil.

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john1951m@gmail.com said...

Dale, these rocky Marking was placed by Micmac Trappers in the late 1800's and early 1900's to so they would not get lost in foggy weather and snowy weather. I have seen some with layer in shape of "N" & "S", and also some layered out in shape of a Cross. I have a picture of the one shaped like a a "Cross" ,which is located at Bay de Nord, (North Bay) ,Hermitage Bay ,south coast ,