Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cat's Cradle, Chip Chip and Hopscotch

A picnic in May 1958. Ethel Benson with children Olga Pippy, Carol Clancy and Sandra Antle.
Photo courtesy of Sandra Antle.
Last week, as part of our Hoist your Sails and Run project, MUN Folklore students paired off with community participants for interviews, the fodder for the content of the upcoming booklet. While they were at that, the rest of us entertained ourselves by looking at old pictures, and playing with string and marbles, remembering the ins and outs of Cat's Cradle and Chip Chip (where one person holds a certain number of marbles in their closed hand and the other has to guess how many).

One of the students had thought to bring in some painter's tape, so that we could mark on the ground without spoiling MacMorran Community Centre's gym floor, and it didn't take us very long to get a round of Hopscotch going!

This Tuesday was in the midst of MUN's midterm break, but we're back at it next week! Keep an eye out for updates as we put the booklet together!

For more information about Hoist your Sails and Run, please phone me at 739-1892 ext 3 or email me here.

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