Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Battery Voices – We Need Your Stories!

Do you have a story about the Battery? Or a memory you'd like to share linked specifically to that place? We'd love to hear anything and everything about the Battery for an audio project that combines storytelling, audio art, and location-based narrative.

We need contemporary voices speaking about what's happening in the Battery today as well as older memories, legends, tales, jokes...

Perhaps you stopped in to one of the twine stores down by the water, or had an interesting interaction during a solo sunrise walk. Perhaps you jog down Battery Road every morning on your way to the trail, or remember a time when the Battery was considered a rougher area of town.

Your story could be woven into a multi-layered acoustic documentary composition accessible through a gps-triggered smartphone app free for all users. Listeners will explore an immersive, user-controlled interactive experience while walking through the landscape. Cool, eh?

If you've got a story and would like your voice to be a part of this audio cartography, you can contact either myself, Annie McEwen (, or Chris Brookes (

We look forward to hearing from you!

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