Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday's Folklore Photo

I know that it's spring now and snowy landscapes are not exactly what we want to be looking at, but I thought it would be nice to say goodbye to winter by looking at this fantastic photograph of unbridled winter fun. This photo was taken by Ted Rowe in Heart's Content during the early 1960s and shows boys playing hockey on harbour ice. Nowadays the harbour doesn't freeze over like this, and groups of children no longer gather together to play hockey outdoors. This photo is a nostalgic peek into days gone by--a special thanks to Ted Rowe for sharing it.

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Kay Lane said...

This is a great photo. It is very clear. I can't identify all the boys, but I would say that probably Bernard Regular and Tom Rowe and maybe Don Peddle are playing. They were the boys that I used to see playing hockey.