Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Program 2012 - Grants for safeguarding aboriginal culture

Applications are now being accepted for projects that support Aboriginal initiatives safeguarding traditions and culture. This could include language; traditional knowledge and skills; storytelling, music, games and other pastimes; knowledge of the landscape; customs, cultural practices and beliefs; food customs; and living off the land.

The program deadline is April 15. Proposals could involve any of the following:
  • Documenting and inventorying cultural traditions 
  • Passing on cultural knowledge through teaching, demonstrations, publications, websites and other educational and awareness-raising activities 
  • Recognizing and celebrating traditions, and those with traditional skills, through awards and special events 
  • Identifying and supporting cultural enterprises that employ aspects of traditional culture (for example, craft production and cultural tourism) 
  • Professional Development for cultural workers, educators and knowledge holders 
Established Aboriginal organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador with a cultural focus are eligible to apply. Professionals (Aboriginal artisans, cultural workers and educators) can apply for professional skills development if they have a demonstrated background in culture and have community support.

For further information, please contact Lucy Alway at or call: (709) 729-1409. Guidelines are available on the website:

Supported projects include documenting stone Inuksuit in Labrador; developing a Mi’kmaq Medicinal Walk; and offering traditional teachings to Mi’kmaq children in Bay St. George. For a list projects supported since 2008, please visit the website: .

In the summer of 2011, the Mi’kmaq Youth Mentorship program in Flat Bay provided traditional activities and teachings to 112 children between the ages of two and twelve.

In August 2009, twenty large banners were hung in a variety of sites within the community of Sheshatsuit, including the new school, the old school and the water tower. In addition, banners were hung around the town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, including at the airport and the military base. This project has helped to initiate discussions among the Innu of how to use photography and videos to revitalize Innu culture.

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