Thursday, November 25, 2010

Newfoundland expression for "chat" or "conversation"? Thoughts?

I'm looking for a Newfoundland expression to mean "having a conversation" or "having a chat" or "sharing stories." Do you have a memory of something like "having a yarn" or a similiar expression? Coming out of the Baccalieu Trail Public Folklore workshop, we're going to be developing a series of community gatherings where people can share informal knowledge about the places they live, and I need a name for the series!

Let me know what you think! Email me at  I'll post people's suggestions below. If you have something, let me know what community you heard it in, as well.

Some suggestions so far:

chewing the fat
having a natter
a gab
a natter
a jaw
a chin wag
"goin' fishin' and tellin' lies"

"My papa says 'we had a good ole yarn' to mean chat, not story. He also calls someone overly talkative - 'ole yawmouth'" - Alison Aylward


Limor said...

Parlance - French. Heard it from my grandmother.

Anonymous said...

"Hane a cuffer about this and that"