Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Folklore and Education Newsletter for 2010 Online

This just in on the PUBLORE listserv:

The annual newsletter for the Folklore and Education of the American Folklore Society is is completed. You'll find a report of the section's meeting, info on new resources for folklorists, a report from the "Local Learning" component of the AFS meeting, an index for various workshops on folklore and oral history, reviews of books that are relevant to folklore and education, and various and sundry reports and announcements. Plus, a cool picture of T-Model Ford, MS bluesman talking with students awaits your gaze, glance, twink, blink or whatever visual code you are using these days.

Anyone is welcome to use the newsletter, and the education section welcomes one-and-all to the next section meeting at AFS in Nashville.

Here's the link:


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