Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"If Candlemas Day be clear and fine..." - Happy Candlemas Day, Newfoundland!

"If Candlemas Day be clear and fine, the rest of winter is left behind;
If Candlemas Day be rough and grum, there's more of winter left to come"

While the rest of North America worries about Groundhog Day, we here in Newfoundland and Labrador celebrate February 2nd as Candlemas Day, or "La fĂȘte de la chandeleur".

Candlemas Day is an old calendar custom in the province, a name which according to folklorist Philip Hiscock "derives from the tradition of blessing the annual supply of church candles on that day, the official end of the liturgical Christmas season."

For more on the Candlemas Day, you can read Philip's page on NL customs:

Larry Dohey also has a good overview of the day on his page at:

And of course, what Newfoundland holiday would be complete without its own ghost story?

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