Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ICH on Radio Noon Crosstalk

This Friday, January 16th, tune in to CBC Radio Noon Crosstalk with host Ramona Dearing and guests, yours truly (Dale Jarvis) and Sheila Downer. Sheila Downer is with Smart Labrador, who are running an ICH project on the Labrador Straits

You can listen online at or phone the RADIO NOON'S CROSSTALK NUMBER: 722-7111 in the St. John's area, 1-800-563-8255 Toll Free Long Distance across North America

Show starts at 1 pm, Newfoundland time, 11:30 am EST

I'm looking for people to phone in to nominate a local tradition, custom, or element of community culture that you think is worth celebrating and saving! What traditional activity in your town do you think should be preserved? Is there an elder or tradition bearer in your area that you think deserves recognition?

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