Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dance Heritage Think Tank on Feb 21st

On Saturday, Feb 21st, HFNL, MMaP and Neighbourhood Dance Works will host an open session for dance enthusiasts to meet and discuss the future of the tradition of dance in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The event will be an introductory platform for members of the dance community to consider our various dance heritages and identify what that means. The main objective is to serve as an information sharing and gathering process.

The session would be guided by a series of questions intended to generate discussion and pinpoint common themes and trends. We will discuss issues of “dance preservation” and what, why, who, and how we think about local dance history and traditions.

The outcome would be to consider:

a) if this a topic of interest to community members, and

b) is so, what future initiatives could be taken to address dance preservation in the province.

The event will take place from 1-4 at the MMaP gallery, Arts and Culture Centre. Stay tuned for more information, or email

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Unknown said...

Hi Dale,

I have recently started a francicisation program sponsored by the Quebec government with the objective of teaching new Quebec immigrants how to speak, read and write french.(thank goodness!) At our christmas party, one of our teachers taught us 'Une Reel' which was; a set dance!!! It was so close to the lancers and I was so happy to participate! It was amazing to thread the needle with people from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, the Phillipines, Martinique, Quebec city and god knows where else.

If I were in St.John`s I would so attend this think tank. I am finding the similarities in Newfoundland and Quebec culture very interesting and comforting.

Best of luck, and best regards,
Diana Daly

PS-The best partner to run the goat with, hands down, is Ford Elms. Close second, Robert Chafe.