Monday, June 21, 2021

Resources on the history of blacksmithing and forges in Newfoundland and Labrador


"Douglas Pinkston owns the last forge in Brigus." circa 1986

Someone came looking for information on the history of blacksmith's shops, forges, smithies, whatever you wish to call them, so I figured I'd share it here! This is a list-in-progress, so if you come across other online resources that we can share, let me know -  updated 21 July 2023


Green Family Forge, Trinity:

Rendell Forge, Heart's Content

Littlejohn's Forge, Bay Roberts

Pinkston Forge, Brigus

Other resources

Blacksmithing Living Heritage podcast

Interview with Ian Gillies, NL Blacksmith

John Rodway House, Baine Harbour

Kevin Dillon, RNC Farrier 

Roaring bellows and burning sparks: The last blacksmith of the Grand Banks

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